An oasis
in the oasis of Elba

Following the provincial road that winds from Marciana to Marina di Campo along the western ring of the island, prepare to be dazzled by breathtaking vistas of the beaches and coves below, while you lose yourself in the intoxicating aromas of the Mediterranean maquis. The islands of Capraia and the distant Corsica provide a backdrop to this unforgettable panorama.

With every twist and turn on the descent towards the sea, you gradually leave behind the essence of Elba and enter a captivating world: the renowned tourist spot of Sant'Andrea, where granite dominates the landscape, leaving visitors in awe.

The gentle coastline of Sant'Andrea, once frequented by sailing ships arriving from the mainland to load wine, still bears traces of this activity in the quay on the western side of the beach.

The gently sloping seabed makes this a true paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Despite being relatively small (around 150 metres long and with a maximum depth of 10 metres), Sant'Andrea beach, with its sandy granite shores kissed by turquoise waters, boasts several bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

It is the ideal place to discover the marvels of the underwater world with just a snorkel, or to explore the nearby small coves using rented dinghies or pedalos available on the beach.

Following the cliffside path through the rock-carved passages leads you to Cotoncello, a charming tiny sandy beach embraced by granite and lush Mediterranean vegetation, inviting you for sunbathing and a dip in the sea.

To the west, you can easily reach Capo Sant'Andrea, where the smooth granite rocks, known locally as "Cote Piane", offer an ideal spot for sunbathing and are easily accessible. Between April and May, the pink blossoms of the Ottentotti fig trees make this area a must-see spectacle.

Sant'Andrea, Island of Elba
Sant'Andrea, Island of Elba
Sant'Andrea, Island of Elba
Cotoncello, Island of Elba
Sunrise in Sant'Andrea, Island of Elba
Transparencies in Sant'Andrea, Island of Elba

Careno diving - Diving and diving on the Island of Elba
The facility is situated approximately 20 metres from the beach and the boarding point (thanks to a private jetty), and a splendid eco-friendly battery-powered cart will assist us in transporting tanks and weights to the boarding point. The diving centre's dive schedule is tailored to meet the needs of its guests. The diving centre strives to limit the total number of divers whenever possible and adapt the dives to requests, offering practically "bespoke dives".
Diving groups are divided according to experience level, with each group accompanied and assisted by a diving guide.
Depending on marine weather conditions, single or double dives are conducted, returning by lunchtime. Additionally, there are mini full-day trips to Capraia and the Pianosa banks. Snorkelling excursions usually take place twice a week from June to September.

Daniele Rent - Dinghy Rental - Barsalini Rent
These two activities rent out rubber dinghies with and without a licence, canoes and pedal boats for magnificent excursions along the coast.

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